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This fundraiser supports Purple 5K Dash to End Domestic Violence 2015

$730.00 remaining
$270 raised
27% of $1,000 goal

About This Fundraiser

EXP, NYC's first K-pop band, is the first group represented and produced by IMMABB.

EXP is: Hunter, Šime, Frankie, Koki and Tarion. The name EXP came from

"experiment", to emphasize the importance of innovation, risk taking and challenges. The

fact that none of the members in EXP are Korean, deconstructs the concept of

cultural appropriation. In an age of cultural homogenization, IMMABB poses what is

the meaning of pop and art in relation to hybridity/assimilation/identity. EXP has released

two singles “Luv/Wrong” and "Nolja Let's Party," (available on iTunes and Spotify).

“Nolja Let’s Party,” the perfect beach party song is a fuse of summer fun and electronic

music. Their 1st Mini­ Album will contain both songs as well as their 3rd and newest


EXP is honored to participate in this year's Purple 5K Dash to End Domestic

Violence. This type of violence is something all of us may have witnessed to some degree

and we as a community must do everything we can to help put a stop to it. It is our

goal through our music and concept to share new ideas, but most importantly music that

is empowering and spreads a message full of life and love. That is why this will be EXP's

first philanthropic endeavor as a group since our debut in April. Attending KAFSC's

Purple 5K will be four members of EXP: Hunter, Koki, Tarion and Šime. 

For more information on EXP, please visit www.exptheband.com

EXP(이엑스피)는 IMMABB에서 처음으로 만든 신인 케이팝 아이돌 그룹으로서

헌터, 시메, 프랭키, 코키, 태리온으로 구성되어 있습니다. 도전과 혁신을 상징하는

Experiment(실험)라는 단어에서 그룹이름을 가져왔고 케이팝 보이밴드이지만 정작

맴버중 한국사람은 한명도 없습니다! 세계적으로 뻗어나가는 케이팝 열풍의

중심이 되어 문화간의 벽을 허물기위해 EXP는 현재 미국 뉴욕에서 활동을 하고

있습니다. EXP의 디지털 싱글 “Luv/Wrong”과 “Nolja Let’s Party” 는 iTunes와

Spotify에서 만나 보실수 있으시며, 세번째 싱글이 곧 나올 예정입니다.

저희 EXP는 올해 퍼플 5K 가정폭력 근절 달리기 이벤트에 참가하게 되어서

영광입니다. 우리 주위에는 많은 이들이 가정폭력으로 부터 고통받고 있습니다.

그렇기 때문에 모두가 한 커뮤니티로서 가정폭력은 근절하기 위해 많은 도움을

주어야 한다고 생각합니다. 저희 EXP또한 앨범을 통해 단지 팬들에게 음악을

전달하기 보단, 더 중요하게 생각하는것은 사랑을 음악을 통해 메시지로 전달

하는것 입니다. 그렇기에 이번 마라톤에 참가하게 되었고 펀드레이징을 통해

가정폭력으로 고통받고 있는 많은 이들에게 도움이 되고자 합니다. 이번

마라톤에는 네명의 맴버: 헌터, 코키, 태리온, 그리고 시메가 참가합니다.

EXP에 대해 더 궁굼하신점은, www.exptheband.com 로 방문해 주세요

Photography by Jhe Ming Hsu, Courtesy of IMMABB

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About Purple 5K Dash to End Domestic Violence 2015

Saturday, October 17 2015 @ Flushing Meadows Corona Park (Queens Museum)
Check-In (Arrive to Race): 9:30 AM (to receive your runner's bib)
Race Starts at 10:30 AM

For more info - please go to: http://kafsc.org/index.php/purple5k/

In commemoration of October being Domestic Violence (DV) Awareness Month, the Korean American Family Service Center (KAFSC) is hosting an exciting family-friendly event – Purple 5K Dash to End Domestic Violence. This 5K run/walk campaign draws awareness to domestic violence and brings families, friends and the community together in an interactive way to raise funds for our Rainbow House Shelter.

The Rainbow House Shelter is one of it’s kind and provides emergency housing as well as social services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault for women and children in a culturally and linguistically appropriate setting.

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